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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Why we love the game

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    I could never hope to hit a 95 mph rising fastball.  Or move a 300 pound lineman out of the way in football.  Or beat a pro basketball player in a game of one on one (if he was really trying).  There is no sport I can think of where I could do anything as well as the best professional...except in golf.

    Perhaps you've read about Jacqueline Gagne of California, a 46-year old who maintains a seven handicap.  In the first four months of this year, she made 10 holes in one, all verified by the local newspaper in Rancho Mirage, CA.  The odds, according to a piece last week in the Wall Street Journal , are about 12 septillion to 1.  That would be a 12 followed by 24 zeroes.

    Most of us would kill for just one of those aces, but Ms. Gagne's feat reminds us that, for a moment, rank amateurs like us can be as good as Tiger or Phil or any of them.  And the odds are something less than 12 septillion to 1.

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