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Monday, May 28, 2007

Find Your Spot does, and then again doesn't

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    Every once in a while, I get the urge to imagine I am someone other than me.  The web site FindYourSpot.com is a good place to do it.  FindYourSpot is one of those sites that asks you a bunch of questions -- in this case, about what you want in a place to live -- and then provids a list of towns based on your responses.  When I first tried FindYourSpot a few years ago, it told me, quite emphatically, that my responses indicated I wanted to live in the Texas Hill Country.  That is one of the reasons I intend to visit the best golf course communities between Austin and San Antonio in the coming months.

    With a little free time today, I decided to "pose" at FindYourSpot as a serious golfer who is concerned about little other than identifying a place where I could play all the time.  I answered the climate questions in that regard, indicating that summers were meant to be long and hot, and when it asked if I needed to play golf often, I provided a "Strongly Agree."  Virtually everything else I marked as "Neutral," including the question about whether I like weather that is neither too hot or too cold; I went "Neutral" on that one on one taking, and then "Strongly Agree" on the next.

    The results were interesting, and dramatically different just by switching my responses on the not-too-hot, not-too-cold question.  When I empahsized long, hot summers, my top five selections came up, in order, Key West, Naples, Hilton Head Island, Opalousas, LA, and Covington, LA.  When I opted for the more moderate annual climate, FindYourSpot found me locations in Tennessee and Kentucky.

    The thing is, I have no interest in living in Kentucky, Tennessee, or the hottest places in Florida, although I am intrigued by the Texas Hill Country, as I mentioned above.  But maybe FindYourSpot knows something I don't know.  If I fall in love with the Texas hills, you will be the first to know.  In the meantime, FindYourSpot is a pleasant diversion, if not a deadly accurate one.

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