Senior Moment: Green fees for old folks higher than for others

        In more than 12 years of visiting hundreds of golf course web sites, I had never come across one that published higher rates for seniors than for everyone else. But earlier this week, while doing some research on long-established golf courses, I found one that published a weekday rate for seniors that, at $33, was 25 cents higher than for all other golfers.
        The golf course is Boscobel, an upstate South Carolina fixture that opened originally mid-Depression in 1933 and is located just minutes from Clemson University and its well-regarded Walker Golf Course. Boscobel’s layout was designed by Fred Bolton but was refreshed a few decades later by the more celebrated Russell Breeden.

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        Ten years ago, Craig Distl, a Carolina public relations professional and golfer, reviewed Boscobel and wrote, “I love the routing. It flows nicely along knolls and valleys. And, I love the slick bent grass greens. They hint of Donald Ross architecture.” Craig had launched a web site back then called Off The Beaten Cart Path; it passed to me about eight years ago, and I intend to re-launch the site in the next few weeks. Craig’s review of Boscobel will be included.
        Boscobel has been through a couple of ownership changes since Craig’s review, and the offending web page with the senior discount in reverse is a legacy of a prior owner. I am happy to report that, from a discussion with a gentleman in Boscobel’s pro shop named Mike, a lifetime member of the PGA, I can report that senior rates on weekdays are now just $29, $11 less than what everyone else pays. Better yet, Mike informed me that the course had just reopened the day before we spoke, sporting new T1 bent grass greens. 
        Bent grass greens are rare as far south as the Clemson area, but Mike said the course has always had bent grass greens and the new owners wanted to honor that tradition. (Note of bias from a New Englander: Bent grass greens are the best putting surface, true and generally faster than other turfs.) In addition, more than 200 trees had been taken out around the green areas to promote grass growth. The new owners, Mike added, intend to work on the tee boxes and other aspects of the golf course in 2020.
        I plan to stop at Boscobel for a round of golf sometime in the first half of 2020. I will be 72 by then and may ask for a super senior rate.


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